How To Get MATIC Mainnet Tokens For Pyro 10k Mint

  1. Purchase MATIC on Binance
  2. Purchase MATIC on Trust Wallet using a Debit Card
  3. Buy MATIC on Using A Credit Card
  4. Use (Credit Card / Fiat / Crypto)
  5. Bridge From Ethereum To MATIC Mainnet

Purchase MATIC On Binance

When purchase MATIC on Binance, you will need to withdraw it to a Web3.0 wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet in order to mint your NFT. When you withdraw the tokens, make sure to select the MATIC/Polygon network. Do not select ETH or BSC.

Purchase Using MoonPay on Trust Wallet

If you use Trust Wallet, you can purchase MATIC using the MoonPay, Ramp, or Simplex, which support Debit Cards.

Buy MATIC From Using Credit Card

You can head over to and purchase MATIC. Make sure you are purchasing MATIC on the Polygon Network (Credit Card / Fiat / Crypto)

You can use to purchase MATIC. You’ll be able to use a credit card, fiat, or another crypto currency.

Bridge From Ethereum To MATIC Mainnet

You can easily bridge your ETH to MATIC using the MATIC Bridging Tool.



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