Win BIG With Pyro’s Mystery Eggs

Limited time offer! Starting Wednesday, June 8th, you’ll receive a FREE Pyro Mystery Egg with every Pyro NFT you mint.

Pyro’s Mystery Eggs are a set of 8 collectible NFTs that can be redeemed for extraordinary rewards like 1FLR Tokens, NFTs, Referrals and so much more.

Each Egg has its own rarity and will hatch its own unique set of rewards. The higher the rarity of the Mystery Egg, the higher the prize. Below you’ll find the Mystery Egg Rarity Chart:



What is a Stack Breaker Ball Piece NFT?

Stack Breaker Ball Piece NFTs are a set of three collectible NFTs. If you own all three pieces, you can activate a special ball that gives you two lives instead of just one in Stack Breaker’s game.

Check it out:

How Can I Earn The Stack Breaker Ball Pieces?

There is currently one way you can earn a Stack Breaker Ball Piece NFT. But there will be more ways soon.

Pinball: If you earn 10,000 Tokens playing Pinball, you will be rewarded with piece number 1 of the Stack Breaker Ball. (0/50 accounted for).

Good luck to all players!

**Note: Each Stack Breaker Ball NFT piece is limited at 50 pieces.