Staking your 1FLR Tokens is a great way to earn passive income and support PipeFlare’s mission. There are many ways to make the most out of your Staking. Receive up to 51% Staking Bonus by doing the following:

Becoming a Member

Get up to a 15% Staking Bonus by becoming a supporter. You can check out our membership options on our supporter page.

Purchasing Staking NFTs

To increase your Staking Bonus, you can get several NFTs. Check out the 2x Staking Multiplier NFT and the 1.5x Staking Multiplier NFT. These NFTs do stack, so if you get both, you get 3x rewards.

Holding 1FLR Tokens

Get an additional 3% Staking Bonus with the Elite Token Bonus. We calculate your eligibility for the Diamond/Elite token bonus based on your total 1FLR Balance. The calculation includes your Staked + Unstaked 1FLR amount.

Owning a Pyro NFT

Earn up to an additional 3% Staking Bonus by owning a Pyro NFT. Purchase or Mint a Pyro Now.

To start staking, you’ll need some 1FLR Tokens. You can either earn 1FLR by using our website or buy some on a currency exchange platform. Here’s a list of our supported exchanges. Once you have some 1FLR, head over to your Staking page. This is where you will decide how long to stake, and how much to stake. Watch our tutorial video here.

Generate passive income by staking your 1FLR Tokens today.